Five Challenges for Campinos

António Campinos takes over the presidency of OHIM at a time of great change in the development of trade marks in Europe. Here are five key challenges he faces.

1. Sort out the money. OHIM has a surplus of some €400 million – and it’s getting bigger. Outgoing president Wubbo de Boer said the money should be returned to users and fees cut further; others believe it needs to be invested in the office or shared out among member states.

Campinos will want some time to settle in to his new home in Alicante but before long he will have to grapple with the fees issue. Ultimately, the decision is made by the European Commission but users will be looking to the new president to take a lead on questions such as: should the fees be reduced? How should the surplus be spent? Should an automatic review be set up?

One of the challenges though is that fee changes could be opposed by national offices in EU member states. That leads to his second big challenge.

2. Restore…

Source: Managing Intellectual Property

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